So you wanna learn a handstand…

                                                                           So you wanna learn a handstand...

Everyone wants to be able to handstand it seems.  And if/when you decide to start attending yoga classes it is very much the norm to see students in class and everywhere doing handstands in their vinyasa practice and sun salutations… even when the instructor has not cued them which leaves most people wondering what the hell is going on when they thought they were attending an "intro" or "all levels" yoga class. And because of this handstand phenomenon, it is almost assumed to the yoga novice that it is, one, easy, and two, expected within a regular...


Now contributing to elephant journal!

I am so excited and proud to now be contributing to elephant journal! Check out my first six pieces for the publication, hopefully there will be more to follow!

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Essential Oils 101… What are they and how do I use them?

My story..

When I first heard about essential oils from a family member awhile back who was using them in her family for health and to treat her children’s illnesses, I admit I was a little skeptical. I had heard of them (and that is to say I knew only a little), but when she spoke to me about the type of results she was seeing, the skepticism started to grow into more of a curiosity.. and that is how I came to make my first purchase of dōTERRA oils.

Shortly after purchasing them, I had a rash of the flu go through my family and realized hey, I have these oils, maybe I should use them! I didn’t know much, but after doing a very minimal amount of reading that came with the oils I had on...


Dear injured OKC Thunder players: Here’s why you need more yoga.

  Oh my beloved Thunder team… why can’t you guys manage to stay healthy this season?? We die-hard fans suffer all through the blistering Oklahoma summer waiting patiently for the first tip off only to be disheartened once again by multiple injuries to our fearless leaders within the first couple of weeks into the season!

  I have a suggestion for you… you guys need yoga. Hey Kevin Durant! I have heard you advocate it, and I know your Olympic coach Mike Kryzewski does it, so let’s talk about an actual yoga regimen for you guys.

  It’s no secret that many professional athletes including LeBron James, Joe Johnson and Steven Jackson have all taken up yoga in an effort to improve their performance and avoid injuries. In many cases, the results have been impressive. Take a look at the 2013...


Blogging for Tiny Devotions!

  I am so excited to be blogging for Tiny Devotions now!

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