I teach a variety of yoga classes including Yoga for Athletes, Vinyasa Yoga, 26 Postures (set series) and Yin (recovery yoga). My style of teaching is  highly influenced by my passion for yoga and love of strength conditioning. I currently teach classes at Body Mind Yoga, located in Edmond, OK and at Crossfit 405, located in Oklahoma City. My regular class schedule can also be found at

I work regularly with professional athletes such as triathletes, golfers, runners, crossfitters, football players and professional sports figures adding a yoga practice into their strength and conditioning exercise program. I also love working with people who are just beginning their yoga journey and who want one on one instruction on how to master the fundamentals.

Why should you consider yoga, you may ask?  Yoga is a wonderful way to increase core strength, flexibility and range of motion, improves balance and mental control and is wonderful for recovery.  Furthermore, yoga can increase an athlete’s performance in many ways, with increased flexibility, agility, endurance and response time. 

 A well-rounded yoga practice includes dynamic flexibility training, core stabilization, strengthening and balance work. By focusing on these vital elements, yoga can result in faster recovery after workouts, open up the tight areas that hinder performance, improve range of motion, and develop mental focus and concentration.

Yoga is also wonderful for rehabilitation from injury, as it helps speed the body’s natural healing process and allows the body to gain strength and flexibility from the inside out through the rehab process.

I offer private yoga lessons and private small group lessons to help students grow their personal practice and am also available to book for private and public events such as group myofascial release classes.  I also offer yoga therapy sessions for patients looking for a more holistic approach to their physical ailments and address specific health problems for those seeking rehabilitation. In these sessions, we will start with some fundamental yoga and flexibility moves catered to the student’s needs and will include a personalized sequence of yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Please contact me for more information on booking private yoga sessions or events here